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For homes in Arizona where cooling and heating requirements are moderate, heat pumps can be an excellent energy-saving alternative to conventional forced-air furnaces and air conditioners.
Using refrigeration technology instead of fuel combustion to provide warmth and cooling, conventional heat pumps move heat from cold to warm spaces and vice versa.
To heat a cool house in the winter and cool a warm house in the summer.

By transferring heat instead of producing it, a heat pump can do their cooling or heating far more efficiently than furnaces and air conditioners.

An air-source heat pump, the most common type, does this work by transferring heat between a house and the outdoors.

This efficiency drops off significantly at low temperatures because not enough heat can be extracted from the ambient air to provide significant warmth.

In this situation, auxiliary heat from non-efficient heating elements in the system is usually necessary.
The installation of a heat pump will require a dedicated circuit to be installed for the heat pump.

Your Mesa Electrician is experienced at providing all the necessary electrical preparations for the installation of your heat pump.
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